I am generally interested in the evolution of cognition. More specifically, I study bird song, mate choice for cognitive traits, social learning, predictors of the diffusion of information in animal groups, and the relationship between different cognitive traits and the hormones underlying these relationships. I greatly enjoy collaborating with colleagues in the UK and abroad. Collaborators include:

  • Dr. Karen Spencer; we study the hormonal and neuronal processes affecting social learning in quail and zebra finches;
  • Prof. Kevin Laland and Dr. Glenna Evans; we are investigating which social networks best predict the spread of novel foraging behaviours in groups of starlings;
  • Dr. Alex Thornton; we are exploring whether one can induce social foraging traditions in wild jackdaws;
  • Dr. Sarah Benson-Amram; we are testing the skill pool effect in zebra finches;
  • Dr. Chris Templeton; we are exploring whether song complexity correlates with problem-solving performance in zebra finch flocks.